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common sense creative design 

When I work on a creative project, I bring to the table a level of experience that is part Graphic Designer, part Art Director, and part Project Manager. I have spent my career in both corporate environments and medium sized agencies. Technology and marketing strategies have changed a bit over the years, but what still holds true is the value of good solid design that is both appropriate for your target market and consistent with your brand. Print design is my primary focus, but I also designed and develop websites on the WIX platform and have helped companies plan and execute campaigns involving multi-media, multiple touch strategies, including emails, surveys and personalized direct mail.

to process

  my process  

Here is the basic framework that I follow.

Gathering information.

I learn as much about you, your company, product or service as possible. A timeline and budget are discussed and agreed to.

Your target market.

Examine who they are and what affects their decision making.

Your goals. 

What are you trying to achieve, short-term and long-term from this project?

Now that all of the left-brained work is out of the way, it is time for some fun.

  1. I research similar companies or products

  2. Establish the message and the hierarchy of information to be presented

  3. Brainstorm physical layout options

  4. Study your brand standards and past creative

  5. Conceptualize visual elements


Time to get my hands dirty.

I gather the elements (logos, text, photos, icons, call to action tags, creative ingredients, etc.) into my software workspace and begin designing. It may be in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint, or Microsoft Word.

The moment of truth.
I present, tweak, and revise until everyone is happy with the results. Then I produce the final press-ready product.

to Services

print collateral


direct mail

corporate reports/newsletters



wix websites


corporate ID

copy editing

constant contact

multi-touch campaigns

trade show displays

photography and photoshop

photoshop retouching

table-top product photography

photoshoot art direction


to Work

   my work   

Each sample below represents my design, photoshop work and prepress preparation.
If I also contributed copy writing or copy editing, it will be indicated in the description.

collateral/print work


digital website/email marketing




outdoor/display advertising



Margaret Lengas Design

Eden Prairie MN 55347    612.423.9468

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